Professional Mil-Spec Motorsport ECU Wiring Harness Construction

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Automobiles of yesterday needed only basic wiring, connections, and components to power their systems. The evolution of the automobile today has transformed it into a highly technical array of systems and components that are designed to add safety, comfort, fuel economy, luxury, and convenience to the driving experience. KK Industries delivers intelligent products for today’s intelligent automobiles.

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Operations to be held by KK Industries

Wiring Harness

We manufacture full machine wiring kits for all types of machines

Soldering Solutions

Soldering solution with Professional Digital soldering station

Crimping and Riverting

Various types of terminal crimping and Riveting section with machine

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Operations to be held by KK Industries

Our Clients

KK Industries, Ltd. has a customer list that includes some of the top manufacturing companies in the India. Our design capabilities, production capacities, quality and performance standards have allowed us to continually be a valued supplier for wire harness and assembly products